Download and View the 2022 AiTC Session Proposal Guidelines HERE.

Session Proposal Guidelines


Please complete the Education Form and Speaker Biography Form found below and submit electronically to tmilan@txregionalcouncil.org indicating “2022 AiTC Session Proposal” in the subject line, along with a 2-3 sentence biography and a headshot for each session speaker.

The session proposal submission deadline has been extended to Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at 11:59 pm CDT. Please ensure all information fields are complete and accurate prior to submission.


Keynote Sessions

The 2022 AiTC will feature two keynote sessions during our Welcome Lunch and Closing Breakfast. Each presentation can be between 45 minutes and one hour and 30 minutes depending on speaker needs. These keynote sessions will be highly competitive. If you submit a keynote session and it is not selected as a keynote, we will consider the proposal for a breakout session unless otherwise noted in your proposal.

Breakout Sessions

All breakout sessions will be 50-minute timeslots. The 50-minute timeslot includes time for your session presentation and a question-and-answer period as you choose. If your presentation requires more time, special arrangements for 2-part sessions can be made. If additional time is desired, please include the time request in your proposal. Requests will be received on a case-by-case basis.


Session proposals MUST be submitted by Tuesday, May 24, 2022. 


For those considering a 2022 AiTC keynote or breakout session, please note the conference’s spotlight themes that the planning committee is especially interested in including in this year’s conference.  These spotlight themes include priority session topics but do not list all possible session topics that can be submitted.

  • Technology & Aging: Evolving Together

Session topic examples may include electronics, cell devices, smart devices, computer use, digital literacy, smart companions, telemedicine, wearable technology, etc.

  • Live Better, Work Better – Balancing Life & Work

Session topic examples may include personal enrichment, time management, morale, self-care, character-building, skill-building, focus, resilience, relationship-building, etc. 

  • Going Back to the Basics – Refreshers for Aging Professionals

Session topic examples may include the Older Americans Act, narrative/grant writing, organizational differences, state or federal agency partners, statutes, and regulations, etc.

  • Collaboration Creating Solutions

Session topic examples may include highlighting key partnerships, community or senior centers, state/federal collaboration, government entity relations, media connections, etc.

  • Education is Key: There is Always More to Learn

Session topic examples may include physical/mental health, unique lifestyles, diverse populations and cultures, elder law, leisure and exercise activities.

  • Living in a World with COVID-19

Session topic examples may include best practices, impacts and solutions, and unique strategies relating to current services or new programs created due to COVID-19.

  • Sharing Successes – The Texas Way

Session topic examples may include peer and network sharing of creative and successful projects, programs, or ideas and how they were organized and conducted.


The AiTC Education Planning Committee is looking for a wide range of session topics, including new approaches to existing models. Consider these attributes when developing a session proposal:

  • Clear examples, lessons, and
  • Thoughtful learning
  • Interactive
  • Get creative with your session title.
  • Content that is accurate and relevant to different types of
  • Alternative teaching methods as opposed to traditional session lectures.
  • Submit an electronic copy of the final presentation by August 8, 2022.
  • Ensure all deadlines are met.


The AiTC Education Planning Committee will review and select all keynote and breakout sessions included in the conference schedule. While proposal submission does not guarantee selection, we will explore opportunities to include the wealth of expertise represented in proposals received.

Please note, overlapping of spotlight themes and topics may occur and does not impact your session selection.


The AiTC Education Planning Committee has final decision on session schedule arrangement. If there is a specific date and/or time that cannot work for you, please include this information in your submission proposal email for consideration.


Speakers receive free conference admission for the day of their presentation. Full conference registration is also available to speakers at a discounted rate of $175. 

Audio and visual equipment such as flip charts, easels, laptops, and LCD projector will be provided by AiTC organizers if prior notice is received.

Presenters are required to cover travel and lodging expenses.


The 2022 Aging in Texas Planning Committee is so excited to receive your session proposal. It is you, the speakers who help make our conference a success by ensuring our attendees are receiving the best quality content out there and not only educating themselves but enjoying their time with us.

If you have any questions about the session proposal process or the conference, please do not hesitate to contact Talia Milan at tmilan@txregionalcouncils.org or by calling 512-478-4715.