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The Texas Association of Regional Councils (TARC) is the statewide association of regional councils, whose members are focused on enhancing quality of life through regional strategies, partnerships and solutions. The 24 regional councils, also known as councils of governments (COGs), are comprised of city, county and special district members working together to implement cost-effective, results-oriented strategies that address statewide and local needs on a regional scale. Check out our Info Sheet here!

TARC helps regional councils effectively assist local governments throughout Texas by sharing best practices, educating the public, and representing councils before local, state, and federal agencies and legislators. TARC members work closely with state and federal partners on projects vital to the health and safety of Texans, including developing regional emergency preparedness strategies, community and economic development, services for the elderly, overseeing regional planning for environmental issues, and maintaining and improving regional 9-1-1 systems. Since 1973, TARC has worked to strengthen the capabilities of our member councils while providing a forum for the exchange of ideas. TARC is governed by a policy board of local elected officials, including county judges, commissioners, mayors and city council members from the 24 regions.

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The Honorable Nancy Arnold
Councilmember, City of Waller
The Honorable Kavon Novak
Alderman, City of Caldwell
Vice President
The Honorable Jim Holmes
Mayor, City of Waco
Immediate Past President
The Honorable Mark Allen
County Judge, Jasper County
Executive Directors’ Council Chair
The Honorable Lonnie Hunt
Executive Director, Deep East Texas Council of Governments


Ginny Lewis Ford
Executive Director
Kimberly Lile Dowty
Associate Director
Nicole Nixon
Director of Public Safety and Strategy
Bridget Wallenberger
Director of Community Programs
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