Celebrate 2020 Older Americans Month
with a Quick Message from Justin Jones-Fosu, AiTC Keynote Speaker


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we were not able to meet this month in El Paso for the 2020 Aging in Texas Conference (AiTC). However, the AiTC Conference Planning Committee along with 2020 AiTC Welcome Lunch Keynote Speaker, Justin Jones-Fosu wanted to share the following video to both celebrate Older Americans Month and remind each and every one of you how valuable your service to Older Adults and their caregivers and families truly is. During COVID-19 many things have changed and your lives may seem off-beat. In the video found below, Justin shares a few tips about how to get on-beat. It is vital to grieve what was lost, give grace to ourselves and others, and grow in the areas that matter the most. Check out the short video above for quick Pick-Me-Up and don’t forget to give yourself a pat yourself on the back. On behalf of the Texas Association of Regional Councils and Texas Association of Area Agencies on Aging, thank you so much for all you do for Older Adults and we hope to see you again in 2021! 



2020 Aging in Texas Conference

Presentation Proposal Guidelines

View the official AiTC Presentation Proposal Guidelines HERE!


Eligibility and Deadlines

Any person or organization interested in the field of aging or who has an interest in services provided to the aging population is welcome to propose a session. The required forms are located below. 

Proposal deadline has been extended to March 9, 2020, and may only be submitted via email.


General Information

Based on previous attendance, an estimated 300 individuals will attend the 2020 Aging in Texas Conference (AiTC). Attendees are comprised of Area Agency on Aging staff, senior center managers & staff, social workers, nurses, dieticians, and regional caseworkers from both public and private service providers. Attendees also include counselors, care managers, long-term care administrators, home health professionals, and many more service delivery personnel working directly with older adults and family caregivers.


For those considering a session, please note the conference tracks for the 2020 AiTC. These tracks include some but not all possible session topics.

  • Lifestyles: possible session topics include mental health, physical health, social engagement, spirituality
  • Services: possible session topics include program planning, aging/disability network services
  • Communities: possible session topics include partnerships, senior living facilities, senior centers, faith-based organizations
  • Innovations: possible session topics include media and technology, research, data
  • Enrichments: possible session topics include a focus on trainings and senior legal protections


Please complete the Education and the Speaker Biography Forms and submit electronically to tmilan@txregionalcouncil.org indicating “2020 AiTC Session Proposal” in the subject line, along with a  2-3 sentence biography and a headshot.


Please ensure all information fields are complete and accurate prior to submission.


Concurrent Sessions

All concurrent sessions will be 45-minute time slots. If your presentation requires more time, special arrangements for 2-part sessions can be made. If additional time is desired, please include the time request in your proposal. Requests will be received on a case by case basis.


The individual submitting the concurrent session proposal will be designated as the Primary Presenter. The Primary Presenter is responsible for all aspects of the session including developing and finalizing content, identifying and confirming additional presenters and supplying appropriate supporting materials and handouts. The AiTC Education Planning Committee liaisons will work with the Primary Presenter to ensure the session achieves the conference goals, objectives and standards of quality.


The AiTC Education Planning Committee is looking for a wide range of session topics, including new approaches to existing models. Consider these attributes when developing a session proposal:

  • Clear examples, lessons and
  • Thoughtful learning
  • Interactive
  • Content that is accurate and relevant to different types of
  • Alternative teaching methods as opposed to traditional session panel


Presentation Proposal Topic Examples

  • Care Coordination
  • Caregivers/Caregiving
  • Cooperative Buying for Nutrition Programs
  • Business Development/Business Planning
  • Cybersecurity
  • Disease-Specific Information
  • Effective Outreach for Non-English Speakers
  • Elder Law
  • Management Skills
  • Mental Health for Seniors and their Providers
  • Telemedicine/Technology Advancements for Successful Aging
  • Working with Diverse Populations
  • And So Much More!



  • Make any necessary refinements based on recommendations by the AiTC Education Planning Committee
  • Finalize session format
  • Invite additional presenters and provide their contact information and bios (a liaison with the AiTC Education Planning Committee will follow up with written confirmation)
  • Supply appropriate supporting materials and handouts
  • Communicate any audiovisual needs and advise the AiTC Education Planning Committee liaison of those needs
  • Submit an electronic copy of the final presentation by May 13,
  • Ensure all deadlines are met



The AiTC Education Planning Committee will review and select all concurrent sessions included on the program agenda. While proposal submission does not guarantee selection, we will explore opportunities to include the wealth of expertise represented in proposals received.

Please note, overlapping of focus areas within tracks may occur, your session may qualify for multiple conference tracks.



The AiTC Education Planning Committee has the final decision on session schedule arrangement and session track. If there is a specific date and/or time that cannot work for you, please include this information in your submission email for consideration.


Associated Costs

Speakers receive free conference admission for the day of their presentation. Full conference registration is also available to speakers at a discounted rate of $175. 

Audio and visual equipment such as flip charts, easels, laptops, and LCD projectors will be provided by AiTC organizers if prior notice received. Please note Wi-Fi will not be available in the training rooms.

Presenters are required to cover travel and lodging expenses.

For any further questions, please contact Talia Milan at tmilan@txregionalcouncil.org.

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