Posted 8/27/19

The Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization is seeking a motivated TRANSPORTATION PLANNING PROGRAM MANAGER. The ideal candidate has experience in providing technical assistance, program management, transportation planning, and public involvement services on behalf of governments in transportation and community development. We offer a comprehensive benefits package including medical benefits, retirement, and tuition reimbursement. Position is federally funded through the U.S. and Texas Departments of Transportation. To apply please send cover letter focusing on the essential functions of the position and a résumé of previous experience and salary history to:

Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Office Manager/HR Generalist 825 South Saint Mary’s Street San Antonio, TX 78205

Résumés will be accepted until position is filled. This position is not covered under Civil Service. The AAMPO is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Note that only applicant information submitted by the deadline(s) below will be screened for a possible interview. Applicant information will be reviewed according to the following schedule:

1st Round – September 13, 2019

If no candidate from the 1st Round is selected then any applicant information submitted between September 14 and September 27 inclusive will be screened for a possible interview.

2nd Round – September 27, 2019

Additional rounds to be announced, if necessary.

  • Position Summary
  • The Transportation Planning Program Manager (TPPM) is a senior level management position under the general guidance of the Deputy Director in meeting metropolitan planning organization (MPO) responsibilities to local, State, and federal entities. Responsibilities include leading or facilitating the development of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), Transportation Conformity, the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) consistent with the Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan (SLRTP), and Annual Performance and Expenditure Report (APER).
  • The TPPM directly leads and manages the work flow, development, and training of the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (AAMPO) Planning and Public Involvement Staff charged with developing and completing regional transportation plans and studies, staffing transportation advisory committees, procuring consultant services, coordinating work with local and state agencies, and engaging the general public in planning and funding decisions.
  • The TPPM is also responsible for the development and implementation of public involvement campaigns and strategies that will engage incrementally the general public and key business stakeholders while exceeding the Federal transportation public involvement transportation planning process, Environmental Justice, and Title VI requirements.
  • Position holder also acts as the organization’s Public Information Officer.
  • The TPPM is expected to exercise a high degree of independent thinking, creativity, and initiative in the performance of duties.Essential Job Functions
  • Managing, in collaboration with Deputy Director, the training development of planning and public involvement staff in meeting MPO local, state, and federal requirements, including, but not limited to developing and managing the MTP, TIP, UPWP, APER, and Transportation Conformity.
  • Developing, coordinating, and maintaining the MTP in consultation with staff, the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), and partner agencies or consultants, including its timely submittal or presentation to the TAC, the Transportation Policy Board (TPB) and state and federal agencies for their review and approval.
  • Performing administrative duties such as preparation or editing of MTP chapters, scopes of work for planning studies, grant application, or providing assistance to Director or Deputy Director as requested.
  • Managing the procurement of consultant services related to the MTP and other programs and/or studies as assigned, including training others to perform this function
  • Executing planning responsibilities of the Director or Deputy Director in his/her absence
  • Managing the support of short and long-range planning of the organization including overseeing special projects or studies as assigned to meet the overall direction and objectives of the organization, including training others to perform this function
  • Preparing reports covering complex technical analyses on various planning issues including policy recommendations
  • Conveying messages through the development of graphic treatments and persuasive writing  Presenting study results and recommendations to technical advisory and oversight committees and the TPB 
  • Managing and coordinating the functions (e.g., performance-based planning, Congestion Management Process, and freight) and deliverables of the Planning and Public Involvement Staff, the consultants retained by the AAMPO related to the MTP development and other parties as assigned, including training others to perform this function 
  • Developing and evaluating data needs to support transportation planning and public involvement activities, including providing updates to the AAMPO contact database
  •  Maintaining current knowledge in transportation planning developments and strategies, public policy, and legislation related to regional transportation planning issues and holding direct reports to the same standards 
  • Creating, conducting, monitoring, evaluating, and revising community relations and outreach programs or initiatives or public meetings to maximize the early-to-end engagement of diverse AAMPO populations in influencing transportation planning decision making while complying with the organization’s Public Participation Plan, Title VI, Environmental Justice, and federal and state regulations or goals 
  • Managing the enhancement of the organization’s branding image and identity 
  • Performing the duties of the Public Information Officer for the organization as specified in the Texas Public Information Act and amendments, including but not limited to, receiving and responding to requests for information and assuring that all requests are responded in accordance with the Act’s requirements 
  • Managing or performing the AAMPO representation during public meetings, community projects, and social or business gatherings 
  • Managing the dissemination of public information by producing multi-lingual multimedia products (e.g., brochures, flyers, and videos) and staffing multi-lingual public speaking engagements (e.g., MPO 101 training sessions, media interviews, conferences, and community or business groups)
  • Managing the needs assessment, reservations, and logistics of public meetings and events
  • Reviewing and disseminating significant or influential articles in periodicals and newspapers to staff highlighting relevance and significance to the organization 
  • Remaining current and implementing innovative methods to communicate and build public involvement 
  • Managing or performing the development and dissemination of communication of current transportation issues, results of plans, programs, studies, technical activities, Texas Public Information Act requests, key policy decisions, and results of public meetings to internal and external interested parties via verbal or written communications, including in periodic newsletter(s), press releases, social media outlet(s), brochures, flyers, presentations, and media contact 
  • Ensuring the organization’s website(s) and social media outlet(s) are updated and present updated information effectively, concisely, and grammatically correct 
  • Providing full supervision over direct reports with collaborative responsibility for hiring, promoting, transferring, assigning, evaluating performance, initiating salary action, handling grievances, disciplining and discharging direct reports 
  • Participating in the Director’s Supervisors Workgroup to collaborate in the identification, implementation, or resolution of organizational initiatives, problems, goals, and objectives  Supervising direct reports, including but not limited to, 1) providing visionary direction, regular feedback on work products and team participation, training, problem resolution, and coaching, 2) conducting performance evaluations or meetings, 3) establishing staffing priorities and an accountability environment, 4) ensuring availability of information resources needed to complete tasks, 5) proofreading and approving deliverables, 6) motivating and developing individuals towards excellence in a continuous organizational learning environment, and 7) performing related administrative and compliance tasks
  • Assisting in the preparation of a budget for assigned areas including the monitoring of expenditures and making adjustments as appropriate 
  • Working with other departments to identify common objectives and develop cross departmental solutions 
  • Managing multiple complex projects and consultant services 
  • Establishing, implementing, and monitoring policies and procedures for the effective, efficient operation of assigned areas 
  • Displaying honest, trustworthy, and ethical behavior when dealing with internal and external customers
  • Establishing and maintaining cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of work         
  • Other duties include:
    -Performing other duties as assignedRequired Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Proficient knowledge of the principles, methods, and practices of regional transportation planning and the metropolitan planning organization process
  •  Knowledge in areas such as federal, state, and local funding requirements, economic development, energy, engineering practices, environment, government management, housing, land use, recreation and urban planning as they pertain to the function(s) of a metropolitan planning organization
  • Proficient knowledge of multimedia production, communication, media and community relations, and dissemination techniques and methods of informing and promoting services 
  • Proficient knowledge of management theory and the principles and practices of managing others and projects 
  • Knowledge of the legal requirements, regulations, and laws applicable to areas of assigned responsibility 
  • Knowledge of multimedia (e.g., Premiere, Publisher, and InDesign) and geographic information system mapping (e.g., ESRI ArcGIS) software 
  • Skill in problem definition, development of goals and objectives, evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, or alternatives, development of program recommendations, and policy formulation 
  • Skill in quantitative and qualitative analysis 
  • Skill in project and time management strategies necessary to develop and direct planning studies and staff 
  • Skill in generating interest and conveying messages through the development of graphic treatments and persuasive writing 
  • Skill in the effective application of interpersonal skills, including but not limited to, verbal communication, non-verbal communication, negotiation, active listening, problem solving, consensus building, decision making, and assertiveness 
  • Skill in the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar for effective proofreading of deliverables in assigned areas or of direct reports 
  • Skill in operating audio-visual and office equipment (e.g., laptops, projectors, printers, and plotters)
  • Skill in the use of office software including word processing, spreadsheet and statistical analysis and presentation development (preferably Microsoft products: Outlook, Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint) 
  • Skill in writing and presenting including the proficiency to synthesize and present complex technical material in non-technical terms to a variety of audiences 
  • Skill in using principles of effective safety practices including the use of equipment in a proper and safe manner, use of preventative personal ergonomic techniques, and maintaining safe personal and common workplaces 
  • Ability to interact with internal and external individuals and groups to achieve goals through negotiation, motivation, problem-solving, and feedback 
  • Ability to prepare PowerPoint presentations with proper notes so that others may easily give the presentation 
  • Ability to work with a minimum of direct supervision and to meet assignment deadlines 
  • Ability to collect, research, analyze and input data, make informed professional recommendations and demonstrate accuracy and thoroughness while maintaining a results-oriented focus 
  • Ability to develop innovative approaches and ideas 
  • Ability to adapt to changes in the work environment, address competing demands, delays or unexpected situations, prioritize multiple tasks, complete tasks on time and respond in a timely manner to requests for service and assistance 
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, technical committees, policy board, partner agencies, public officials and the general public 
  • Ability to work well in group problem solving environment including sharing expertise and training others 
  • Ability to show respect and sensitivity for diversity of thought, education and cultural makeup of staff and community 
  • Ability to take initiative for self-development and expanding skill levelsMinimum Acceptable Experience and Training
  • Bachelor’s degree in urban planning, transportation engineering, public administration from an accredited college or university, or a related field and seven years of progressively responsible experience in transportation planning and at least three years of supervisory experience OR any combination of education and experience that provides the job holder with the desired skills, knowledge, and ability required to perform the job. 
  • Master’s degree preferred and may be substituted for two years of work-related experience or vice versa 
  • Bilingual (Spanish and English) is preferred
  • Possession of a valid Motor Vehicle Operator’s License, proper insurance, and reliable vehicleWork Conditions

    Mobility to work in a typical office setting, using standard office equipment, driving a motor vehicle to attend meetings outside the AAMPO office, ability to read printed materials and a computer screen, and hearing and talking to communicate in person or over the telephone are essential physical demands of the position. Sitting for long periods may be required. Traveling to meetings both inside and outside the AAMPO study area and attending evening and weekend meetings/functions should be expected on an as needed basis. In addition, position holder is expected to lift, carry, or push/pull approximately 20-30 pounds.

    Accommodation may be made for some of these physical demands for otherwise qualified individuals who require and request such accommodation.

Equal Opportunity Employer


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$5,453 - $8,179/month


825 S St Mary's St, San Antonio, TX 78205, USA