Posted 6/10/19

About Houston-Galveston Area Council

Local governments touch the lives of citizens in our region every day, in many ways. The Houston-Galveston Area Council is the regional council of local governments for our area, serving an area of 12,500 square miles and more than 7 million people. H-GAC helps local governments and their citizens address issues that cross city limits and county lines. The work is important because our region is growing rapidly. Local governments must meet today’s needs and prepare for a better future.

H-GAC helps local government consider issues and cooperate in solving today’s problems while also planning for the future. Total membership stands at 131 local governments – all 13 county governments, 107 cities, and 11 school districts. H-GAC is governed by a 36-member Board of Directors composed of local elected officials who serve on the governing bodies of those member local governments.

H-GAC provides many tools to support the region’s local governments: information, region-wide plans, and services concentrated in areas such as Community and Environmental Planning, Data Services, Human Services, Public Services and Transportation Planning


The H-GAC Internship Program is designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and your future.

H-GAC is dedicated to developing the talent of up and coming college students who strive for academic success and demonstrate leadership. Our Internships provide real-life work experiences that are closely related to your field of study, as well as integrating you into our H-GAC culture. In addition to challenging work and making a valuable contribution, you will have the opportunity to be coached and mentored by some of the top leaders in our agency. High performing interns may have the opportunity for future internships or possible full-time opportunities with H-GAC.



This Summer internship opportunity is for a college student with a major in the Communications to work with a mentor and receive on the job training while gaining professional experience.  Learn directly from experienced professionals and managers with extensive knowledge in workforce quality monitoring, database management and public outreach. Apply academic studies to contribute to the research of this project and the impact it will have on our customers.  Participate in real, meaningful work assignments to learn how your academic experience translates to the professional environment. This position is a temporary intern position that is not benefits eligible.


  • Update and expand online career planning materials to reflect updated labor market statistics.
  • Update and expand printed career planning resources used by students, educators and parents to make college and career decisions.



Minimal – Enrolled as a college Junior –Graduate level studies, 3.0+ GPA, must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 credit hours in the semester preceding or following the internship term. The hours will be 30 – 40 hours per week.  The pay will range from $12.00 – $14.00 an hour.

Optimal – Proficient in Microsoft Word/Excel, field of study closely related to internship offered

Equal Opportunity Employer


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Houston-Galveston Area Council, Timmons Lane, Houston, TX, USA