Posted 4.6.2022

This position is located in the Office of the Planning and Program Development (PPD) or the Office of Financial Management and Program Oversight (FMPO) for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for Regional offices and is under supervision of the Office Director. This Office is responsible for the oversight of state/local planning and programming activities leading up to and including the award of all grants related to all FTA programs.

At the full performance level, the Community Planner:

  • Is responsible for a variety of activities including administering the transit planning process including conducting Metropolitan Planning Certification Reviews, Planning Findings, Air Quality Conformity, grant development and recommendation for approval, and program management.
  • Develops and prepares approval recommendations for planning, capital and operating grants, and assures that applications meet all FTA legal, regulatory and policy requirements.
  • Prepares briefing papers, statistical summaries and policy papers on abroad range of regional office and grantee activities and in support of policy and procedural decisions.
  • Provides financial and technical assistance to transit agencies regarding matters of policy, procedure, grant administration and negotiation of project scopes to be funded. Ensures grants are developed to meet federal program requirements.
  • Meets with state and local officials, representatives of public and privately owned carriers, and various public and private groups regarding FTA programs, policies, procedures and transit in general.
  • Provides technical assistance in planning, project development and grant development, and identifies and develops solutions to resolve issues.
  • Acts as a liaison and handles communication with external and internal partners and customers soliciting information on programs.

This position is perfect for a mid-level planner seeking a career with the Federal Transit Administration, and opportunity to: apply project development and project management skills in the management and oversight of grants program; provide technical assistance in grant development; administer and review the transit/transportation planning process for state, rural and urban areas; conduct planning certification reviews and planning findings; ensure compliance with all applicable federal laws, regulations, policies and guidance; assist in meeting the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) responsibilities for proposed transit projects and transportation plans. 

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$69,878 - $142,595 per year