Posted 9.19.2022

About Houston-Galveston Area Council

The Houston-Galveston Area Council is one of the largest regional planning commissions in the country with a diverse service area of 13 counties and more than 7 million people. We are the pulse of our region addressing issues that cross city limits and county lines every single day.

We make decisions that affect our transportation system, ensure the safety and well-being of our seniors, connect people to jobs, help families recover from natural disasters, preserve water quality for our children, and so much more. We work to make the region a great place to live, work, and thrive.

What will I be doing?

The Assistant Director of Human Services will provide leadership and management for the Department of Human Services. This position will serve the Gulf Coast Workforce Board and its operating affiliate Workforce Solutions as the public workforce system in the 13-county Houston-Galveston region of Texas. The Gulf Coast Workforce Board and Workforce Solutions help employers meet their human resource needs and local residents build their careers, so both can compete in the global economy. Additionally, this position will also serve the Aging and Disability Advisory Committee which oversees the planning and operation of the Area Agency on Aging and its related Aging and Disability Resource Center. The aim is to support elderly residents in our 12-county region to remain independent and healthy in the community through services and assistance and to provide advocacy for residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

The ideal candidate will have knowledge, training, and expertise in the workforce, education, serving the aging and elderly, and government. This position will design and implement action plans to identify and successfully achieve the department’s vision, mission, goals, programs, and initiatives. Build agency capacity by implementing measures that improve the Department of Human Services’ purpose and service delivery. This includes:

  • Supports the development of department goals, action plans, and budgets;
  • Supports the coordination of programs, initiatives, events, and activities to successfully provide residents with necessary services, resources, and information;
  • Supports successful collaboration with internal and external partners to ensure effective coordination and informational flow of programs and services to area residents;
  • Facilitates the development of intra and inter-agency work teams and relationships to execute plans;
  • Supports Director with identifying and collaborating with public, private, and philanthropic entities to identify funding, resources, and support to supplement programmatic efforts;
  • Supports Director with research, analysis, and recommendations for addressing educational, workforce, and aging issues of high complexity; and
  • Supports Director with Board and committee relations, deliverables, strategic plans, and other Board- and Committee-related action items.

Key Qualifications  

  • Knowledge of public agency administration including budget development, contract management, and administration;
  • Must have knowledge, training, and experience in managing complicated programs, initiatives, and contracts;
  • Must have knowledge of the workforce, aging/elderly services and care, education, early childhood education, youth, and young adult services, labor economics, and government;
  • Knowledge and experience in training, supervising, managing, and leading complex staffing issues;
  • Has experience, knowledge, and training in managing finances including internal and external budgets, grant reports, and fiduciary responsibilities associated with the office’s operations;
  • Must be personable with strong interpersonal skills and capable of building lasting relationships internally and externally;
  • Must have strong written and verbal communication skills and be capable of making effective presentations to large audiences.
  • Must have experience working with Board(s) and Committee(s) and a strong understanding of board and committee relations;
  • Must be a strong leader capable of working with a wide variety of staff, community members, stakeholders, and public figures;
  • Must demonstrate strong leadership skills and the ability to make accurate, timely, executive decisions in a high-stakes, high-pressure environment;
  • Has a thorough understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects of an analytical, technical, or professional discipline; or the basic knowledge of more than one professional discipline. This person must have knowledge of both education, workforce, and serving the elderly/aging;
  • Must be flexible, collaborative, and capable of leading large councils and/or working groups with a wide array of stakeholders;
  • Must be able to work inclusively with persons from every community from various backgrounds, age ranges, and government levels while remaining respectful, approachable, receptive, and responsive to all;
  • Analytic ability and inductive thinking are required in extensively adapting policies, procedures, and methods to fit unusual or complex situations; and
  • A high degree of analytic ability and inductive thinking is required to devise new approaches to deal with highly complex, novel, or previously unsolved problems.

Do you have…

  • This position requires at least a formal 4-year degree from a college and/or university in education, educational leadership, government, policy, business, administration, or law. Persons with graduate experience in the aforementioned areas are also encouraged to apply and shall be given special consideration.
  • 10 years of experience working with local government, nonprofit program(s), education, workforce, and/or aging/elderly services with at least five years in a managerial capacity.

Equal Opportunity Employer


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$101,630.00 - $171,881.00


Houston-Galveston Area Council, Timmons Lane, Houston, TX, USA