Posted 03/28/2018

Performs planning and research work for various aspects of the Community and Economic Development Program. Work involves a team oriented approach to developing local and/or regional level plans, maps or programs for a variety of projects such as but not limited to Regional Transportation, Rural Broadband implementation and/or public health planning; developing procedures for implementing these plans, maps or programs; and developing procedures for measuring progress made on operational plans, maps or programs. Serves as staff support for all committees within the Community & Economic Development and Transportation programs. Attends meetings, records meetings actions, coordinates meeting preparation activities including notices and assist in the preparation of meeting materials. Must have High School Diploma or equivalent and currently enrolled in a bachelor, associates or master’s degree program and performing course work toward a degree in urban or regional planning, economics, business, public relations, public administration, geographic information systems (GIS) or a related field. Must be able to communicate well, orally and in writing, to prepare written descriptions, computer graphics, maps and summaries that effectively communicate the results of research, identified needs and recommended actions to a variety of audiences. Must be able to use a variety of Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook.


Equal Opportunity Employer


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Position Type

Temporary / Part Time


$9.00 - $10.00/hr, depending on degree program


Brazos Valley Council of Governments, East 29th Street, Bryan, TX, USA