Posted 8/8/18

Academy Training Coordinator

This is a responsible, supervisory position. Duties include overseeing adjunct instructor vendors; coordinating, planning, and scheduling full time instructor (in the Academy Manager’s absence,) and adjunct law enforcement instructor vendors, scheduling classrooms for basic peace officer, in-service, and other training courses; and providing strategic planning support. Schedules and coordinates basic peace officer training courses and other basic peace officer related activities and events.  Schedules and coordinates in-service trainings, provides strategic planning assistance to the Academy Manager, and assures compliance with TCOLE rules.  Acts as point of contact for maintenance and upkeep for the training simulators, computer labs, and records management systems. Supervises adjunct instructors.  Coordinates, plans, and schedules full time instructors (in the Academy Manager’s absence) and adjunct instructors for licensing courses and in-service trainings. Arranges for classrooms, necessary training materials, resources, and other training aids necessary for each block of the basic peace officer course; Selects subject matter experts within all law enforcement professions for instructor services, and notifies the Academy Manager to request approval to add prospective instructors.

Submits recommendations to the Academy Manager for program upgrades and alterations. Meets with the Academy Advisory Committee and with representatives of regional law enforcement agencies for planning and coordination. Coordinates maintenance, upkeep, and repairs for training simulators, computer labs, and records management systems, and coordinates such services with other staff and vendors as necessary.

AACOG business hours are 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 PM. M-F. Pay Range 15. This position is exempt; open until filled.

Only online electronic applications will be accepted.

Equal Opportunity Employer


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Regular / Full Time


Pay Range 15


Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG), Tesoro Drive, San Antonio, TX, USA